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Welcome to Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair Service! Cleaning your BBQ is not an option! It is a necessity! Most Coloradoans BBQ six to nine months in a calendar year, which means BBQs can build up a lot of grease and unhealthy charred ashes and debris. Cleaning your BBQ is a messy and time consuming job. So let us do the dirty work for you! Maintaining your BBQ on a regular basis extends the life of your BBQ. In addition to cleaning your BBQ we also repair all BBQs. If necessary, we have fabricated parts to repair the equipment.

Our technicians use clean tarps to protect decks and patios. Our company uses cleaning products that are animal and plant safe. We replace batteries in igniters when we clean BBQs. If we clean and repair your BBQ at the same time there is no additional travel charge for the repairs.

Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair Service operates primarily in El Paso County. However, we have cleaned and repaired BBQs in Douglas and Arapahoe counties and beyond. Call for pricing for our services outside of El Paso County.

Contact Tom Jackson at 719-339-2604.


Our People

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is the owner and manager of Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair. Tom has lived and worked in Colorado Springs since 1986. In addition to the BBQ Cleaning and Repair business, Tom has been a successful owner and manager of Handyman Extraordinaire since 1989. When it comes to fixing things there is not much that he can't do.

Jeff Robins

Jeff Robins is the company's primary BBQ cleaning and repair technician. Be sure to check the testimonials that our customers have written about Jeff!



Basic Clean Package

Prices starting at $159.95

  • We will clean all of your cooking surfaces including grates and warming racks (on the cooking side only).
  • We also will lightly scrape and remove grease that is below your grates and vacuum debris.
  • We'll clean and scrape out your drip pan and clean & polish the outside of your grill hood.
  • Two Burner Grill
  • $159.95
  • Three Burner Grill
  • $169.95
  • Four Burner Grill
  • $179.95
  • 5+ Burner Grill
  • $189.95

Basic Plus Package

Prices starting at $179.95

  • Includes Basic Clean
  • We will scrape & wire brush your heat plates, flavorizor bars, racks, & grates.
  • We'll clean and polish the outside of your grill hood and knobs.
  • Two Burner Grill
  • $179.95
  • Three Burner Grill
  • $189.95
  • Four Burner Grill
  • $199.95
  • 5+ Burner Grill
  • $209.95

Premier Package

Prices starting at $229.95

  • Includes Basic Plus Clean
  • We will completely clean & remove all baked on grease from grates, warming racks, and inside of the grill.
  • We'll also soak and clean your flavorizor bars, heat plates, and drip pan.
  • We will Polish & clean all exterior surfaces of the grill & tank and the storage area underneath the grill.
  • Two Burner Grill
  • $229.95
  • Three Burner Grill
  • $239.95
  • Four Burner Grill
  • $249.95
  • 5+ Burner Grill
  • $259.95

BBQ Repair Only

If you want to schedule a repair-only appointment, we charge a $90 service fee which includes the first hour of labor. Repairs are priced at $75/hr plus parts & materials

We also provide handyman services! Doors, windows, anything around the house and more! Click here for more info.










Steve H - September 5, 2013

Convenient and shiny clean!

I scheduled the cleaning online while traveling, service was done on time while I was at work and the grill looks terrific. Very pleased with the whole experience.

Phil T - June 27, 2013


My wife gave me a fathers day gift to have my bbq grill cleaned. At first I thought it was too expensive but a gift is a gift. They came out and did an incredible job! The grease was piling up and starting to clog the burners. It's like new again and no way could I have done a better job. Great gift, great job.

Alison W. - June 9, 2013

Highly Recommended!

An HOA I work for asked me to find someone to fix 2 BBQ grills @ the pool area. I contacted Handyman Extrordinaire, and they were not only able to clean and fix both grills, they had no problem driving to Parker to do it. The service technicians were friendly, professional and capable. They were able to fix the grills, and saved the complex a couple of thousand dollars that they would have had to spend on replacements. I highly recommend this service.

Eugene M - June 1, 2013

looks good

No mess, Looks like new and is working better than it has in five years. And I didn't have to do any thing.

B.T. - May 22, 2013

Jeff did a good job on the inside grill itself, tho he did not clean the entire grill...the shelves and trays on the outside are still dusty. However, he was VERY nice, and he PAID for a repair that I didn't want to pay extra for! He also fixed a knob, and he fixed our front fence where it was falling down!!! We liked him very much.

R.E. - May 17, 2013

Grill looks great!

Jeff was very professional and he did not leave the mess that I usually leave when cleaning it. Worth every penny. Thanks, Jeff.

Kathy Sullivan - May 17, 2013

BBQ Cleaning

What a great idea for a business!! The grill went from drab to fab. Looks brand new. We would never have gotten the grill this clean doing it on our own or in such a short amount of time. Well worth the money.

Robin N. - May 14, 2013

Exceptional BBQ Grill Cleaning

Handyman Extraordinaire (Colorado Grill Cleaning) did a superb job restoring our 10 year old Vermont Castings Grill to like new condition! They arrived promptly and worked for over 4 hours meticulously cleaning and repairing every part of the grill. This was way beyond what I could have hoped to achieve on my own. Well done, affordable - a great service!!

Anne S - May 13, 2013

Grill Maintenance

Fabulous job. Not only was the grill cleaned but also repaired. Great job on both counts. Looks and works like new.

Jim T - May 9, 2013

Colorado bbq cleaning

Jeff Robins was very immersed in his work. Not ony attentive to details when cleaning and servicing our grill, but also in dealing with the cold and rain. Wife and I were very pleased with his efforts and can't wait to put our grill to use.

Brad D - May 4, 2013

Good job

The crew arrived on-time and did a really good job. Jeff and Tom are hard workers and friendly. They restored my dirty grill to like-new condition. They fixed the broken igniters and adjusted the burners so I get better heating. They are not cheap, but I would recommend them to anyone who needs a grill cleaned or fixed.

Eileen P - Apr 7, 2013

Grill Maintenance

Jeff did an excellent job. In addition, he was courteous and very respectful. A great combination!


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